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Billie Jean – Michael Jackson Impersonation – 1st YouTube Video

Posted on : 03-01-2010 | By : jonny charlton | In : Michael Jackson, Videos

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Jonny “MJ” Charlton – Billie Jean – 1st Michael Jackson Impersonation

We’ve been in Florida for a month. I like it here, but Christmas was not the same without our family and friends. I miss my friend Tyler. Roxy, Coby and my mom did fireworks for me on New Years Eve. We played games until it was time for the ball to drop. We had a New Year toast (I had my favorite sparkling grape juice). My mom started talking about her goals for the year and it gave me the idea to start 2010 with a MJ video … I teased my mom because now I am the first Charlton to have my own video and it is on  YouTube – she shouldn’t have waited so long … LOL 🙂

(This is me dancing to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean at the FL rental)

JONNY CHARLTON @ YOUTUBE – http://www.youtube.com/jonnycharlton